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Fact: Dealers need all the buyers they can get. Car sales are dropping like a rock and dealers are struggling to survive. There are unbelievable incentives out there -- 09s are being discounted while 08 models are still on the lot. (Read more)

Fact: Dealers have gotten better at dealing with credit issues because they see more and more of them every day.

Fact: It sounds awful, paying 12, 15, 18 percent interest for a bad credit car loan, and people freak out that it'll be too expensive. But here's the deal: You can get a really good car, and even paying a worst-case scenario 18 percent, your payments are only $1.00 or $1.14 more per day! (Proof here)

Fact: Now think about what that extra dollar gets you.
It gets you better credit, so you don't have to pay what's essentially a bad credit tax the next time you buy something. You can drive a better car while rebuilding your credit!

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Fact:. Thanks to the credit crunch, banks are pickier than ever, and the average subprime auto loan is now shopped to more than five banks before it's accepted. Our dealers are electronically linked to hundreds of lenders, which greatly boosts your chances of approval. So apply online for a no-hassle used car loan. It's free and there's no obligation to buy. Instead of kicking tires, try clicking tires...

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Picture of an 05 Chevy Cobalt an excellent car for a bad credit automobile loan
< 05 Chevrolet Cobalt
Under $10,000, a good warranty, good mileage,
and a good example of a bad credit car loan vehicle.